Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance North Carolina: Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving in North Carolina can be treacherous for anyone, especially truckers. If you’re a commercial driver or owner operator, here are some things to keep in mind this winter in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the highway.

Prepare your Truck

Before hitting the road, make sure your truck is as roadworthy as possible. To do this, you should:

  • Clean snow and ice from the top and front of your vehicle. This reduces the odds of snow flying into your windshield and reducing visibility.
  • Inspect your lights, especially emergency flashers, to make sure they are working properly. Clear ice and snow from them to ensure others are able to see them clearly.
  • Place snow chains on your tires when driving through snow-covered mountains
  • Put a diesel additive into your tank before fueling up. Doing so will prevent your fuel from gelling up and preventing your engine from starting.
  • Stock your truck with emergency supplies such as extra food, water, flashlight with batteries and blankets.

On the Road

While on the road, you should use some safe driving practices to reduce your odds of an accident. These safe practices include:Leaving additional room between yourself and other drivers on the road

  • Applying slow, even pressure when braking to avoid skidding
  • Monitoring the weather and local road conditions
  • Watching your windshield for signs of ice developing, as this is an indication that ice is also present on roadways
  • Looking for spray coming off the tires of other vehicles, as this indicates wet pavement. Wet pavement along with a forecast that includes dropping temperatures makes the perfect conditions for ice to develop.

If roads are extremely hazardous, find a rest stop or truck stop where you can wait out the storm. Avoid parking on an incline, as you are likely to get stuck when leaving. Remain in a safe location as long as necessary, and remember that no load is worth risking your life over.

These winter driving tips will help keep you safe while driving this winter. If you’re in need of commercial or owner -operator truck insurance in North Carolina, please contact us for more information.