Cargo Theft Impacts Rig Insurance in Florida

Florida ranks second only to California as a target for cargo theft, raking in millions of tax-free dollars for criminals and costing the public even more in terms of elevated prices. With the Port of Miami within easy reach, it quickly turns into an international crime as well, exchanging stolen goods not just for money, but sometimes for guns, a new twist on an old crime that now poses a threat to our national security.

No load is safe. Anything that can be sold fast: electronics, drugs, even a trailer full of cooking oil, offers a quick turnaround for thieves. And whether the goods turn up on the shelf of a local convenience store or in a South American warehouse, the profits are astronomical.

Though law enforcement agencies have been achieving some success in reducing cargo theft, it’s a difficult crime to prevent. These are not petty thieves working for themselves, but members of well-organized, well-financed crime rings who choose their targets with high-tech surveillance and execute thefts with spot-on precision. An unattended trailer can be taken in a minute or less. And once on the road, it’s no different from thousands of others making their way across the state.

These conditions make Contingent Cargo Insurance an essential part of rig insurance in Florida. Large fleet operators will sometimes choose to cover the loss themselves rather than risk a rate hike, but individual owner operators have no such option.

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