7 Modern Safety Features to Reduce the Cost of Your Rig Insurance

Whether you are a one-truck owner operator or you run a large shipping fleet, insurance plays a major role in your business.  As in any industry, your trucking insurance is based on your level of risk, considering the safety of your rigs, your drivers, and the cargo itself. Fortunately, this also gives you a degree of control over the cost of your insurance premiums. The safer your rig or fleet is, the less your insurance can cost.

Modern vehicle technology makes it possible to ensure an advanced degree of safety whether you’re managing one truck or one hundred. Every rig that you fit with a full suite of safety features allows you to assure the insurance company of greater safety and lower your commercial truck insurance premiums.

Here are seven of the top safety features that can be used to make your truck insurance more affordable and increase the overall safety of your truck or fleet.

1) Dash, Interior, and Rear Cameras

Cameras provide evidence of safe driving and of conditions surrounding any incident. Cameras are typically placed facing out the windshield, around the sides, straight back, and facing into the cab at the driver and passenger. Icy roads and erratic other cars will be recorded, and interior facing cameras can prove that your drivers are attentive and careful. Cameras also help drivers remember to remain alert, knowing that their driving behaviors and interior actions are being recorded.

2) Blind Spot Detection / Cams

Blind spot detection cams are similar to backup cams for truckers, and can help truck drivers maneuver more safely when there are vehicles around their sides. These are clearer than fisheye mirrors and can provide computerized alerts when there is an obstacle in the blind spots.

3) Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking provides the location of your vehicles at all times, which can be followed from HQ. This not only allows you to closely track your fleet, but also serves as a protection if a cab or trailer is stolen because locations can be immediately and constantly tracked.

4) Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-lock braking can save drivers and rigs in the event of icy or wet conditions. Advanced braking systems allow your drivers to regain traction and control more quickly, preventing costly and life-threatening accidents at heavy weights and high speeds.

5) Collision Avoidance Braking Systems

More recent collision avoidance braking systems will provide assistive braking if an obstacle is suddenly detected via radar or lidar in front of the truck. Collision avoidance helps drivers when obstacles like deer or other cars suddenly move in front of the truck and even features like adaptive cruise control will ensure the truck slows down when approaching vehicles ahead.

6) Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning is an excellent protection against long hours in the saddle. Drivers will be immediately alerted if their vehicle starts to drift out of lane alignment before disaster occurs. This keeps drivers safer from distraction, sleepiness, and ambiguous road lines.

7) Hands-Free Navigation

Lastly, hands-free technology inside the cab can minimize distraction which is one of the biggest risks of modern commercial vehicle operation. While navigation devices and wireless communication are useful, hands-free features are necessary to ensure drivers give their full attention to the road while benefitting from this technology.

Combined, these security features have the potential to significantly lower your truck or fleet risk factors and, therefore, your premiums on rig insurance.  Speak with your owner-operator insurance policy provider to find out which safety features qualify for a reduction in insurance costs. You can also look for a new provider who offers a more comprehensive or modernized discount rating for a highly secure fleet.

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David Ott

David Ott