5 Ways to Lower Your Commercial Truck Insurance Premiums

While running a commercial trucking business is a lucrative venture, insuring your commercial trucks calls for a huge undertaking. Trucks are highly vulnerable to mishaps, and insuring them is not debatable. Even so, there are strategies you can apply to lower the cost of your commercial truck insurance. Below are some helpful tips to decrease your truck insurance premiums:

Employ Proficient Commercial Truck Drivers

The competency of a commercial truck driver is essential when it comes to reducing truck insurance costs. Before recruiting your drivers, ensure they have clean driving records and CDL experience of at least two years. Experienced drivers with a good driving history are cautious and are not likely to cause careless errors.

Increase Your Deductibles

You probably did not know that raising your deductibles can lower your premiums significantly. Paying your deductibles upfront might seem expensive, but they will save on your truck insurance premiums. Before changing your policy, ensure you consult your truck insurance company and determine an affordable deductible for your company.

Upgrade Your Trucks

Most insurance companies will use your truck’s age, condition, and value to determine your premiums. Old trucks with poor operation conditions will increase your premiums because they are likely to get faulty and cause accidents. Therefore, it will be best if you use new trucks and equipment to avoid higher premium charges.

Plan out Your Trucking Routes

The travel area is another crucial aspect that will influence the cost of your truck insurance costs. Routes with a high frequency of inclement weather, high-traffic, and densely populated are likely to incur increased insurance costs. Make sure you map out the safest trucking routes to enjoy reduced premiums.

Consult a Reliable Insurance Company

Relying on a reliable insurance company near you is another way to save on your truck insurance premiums. Insurance companies that specialize in commercial truck insurance in South Carolina have a vast knowledge of the transport industry. They will guide you on ways that will reduce your truck insurance premiums and give you accurate insurance policies.

At J.E.B. Insurance Services, L.L.C., we will scrutinize your risks and recommend an insurance policy that will suit your needs. We have extensive experience in offering commercial truck insurance in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, and North Carolina. Contact us today to get a free quote on commercial truck insurance.

David Ott

David Ott