Tennessee Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance: Medical Payment Insurance

Driving is a hazardous activity and the more you do, the more you expose yourself to the risk of injury from an accident. Because of their long hours on the road, the risk of injury is a fact of life for commercial or owner operator truck drivers. This risk is built into their work. If the trucker wants to make more money, he must drive more miles.

This is why you should include medical payment insurance as a part of your Tennessee commercial or owner operator truck insurance policy. Medical payment insurance covers certain medical expenses for yourself and others riding in your truck with you. You need not worry about not getting payments for accidents where you are found at fault because it is a no fault plan.

Perhaps you may feel that because you already have health insurance that covers injuries sustained from traffic accidents, that medical payment insurance isn’t necessary. This may be the case if your policy provides comprehensive coverage. However, if you feel your insurance will not cover all the medical costs of a traffic accident injury, medical payment insurance is a fairly low-cost way to supplement your health insurance for accident injuries occurring in your truck.

You should also consider the health insurance coverage of those riding in your truck with you. Are they adequately covered? What about future employees? Accidents can and do happen. Driving skills and good judgement go a long way in preventing them but the risk will always be there. The only way to prevent yourself or another rider from getting financially wiped out from medical debts incurred from an injury on the road, is through insurance.

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