Prevent Cargo Theft and Florida Rig Insurance Claims with a Layered Defense Strategy

Compared to many crimes, cargo theft from a commercial truck can be very lucrative and involve less effort and risk of getting caught. That’s why cargo theft costs the U.S. billions of dollars annually. It has a devastating effect on the businesses that depend on timely shipments. Theft of a high-end cargo load for example, may cause lost sales and customers at the retail stores that depend on the shipment. The theft of a large pharmaceutical shipment on the other hand, can have adverse health effects on the population. And of course, cargo theft can damage the reputation and profits of your commercial or owner operator trucking business.

High and Low Tech Methods of Preventing Cargo Theft

Although latching and locking your trailer deters the occasional opportunistic thief, it is no barrier to the cargo theft specialist. This person can quickly defeat commonly used locks and other security devices. While he can readily handle something familiar, he is not likely to hang around trying to defeat an unfamiliar security device. That’s why the best defense is using multiple security devices, both high and low tech. These include:

  • An internal trailer lock. This deadbolt system is installed inside the trailer at the top of the door. Its height above the ground and its internal location make it difficult to access. The fact that it’s hidden from view is one of its strongest points. The thief can’t defeat a device if he’s unaware of its existence. The bolt is opened and closed electronically from a remote location such as the carrier’s headquarters. The driver must call headquarters to lock or unlock the device. A tracking device is also included with the system so that headquarters knows when the trailer has reached its destination. This is a product of KLLM Transport.
  • Geo-fencing and remote disabling technology. Rather than break into a trailer, some thieves steal the entire rig and drive it to a secure place where they can more easily access the cargo. Geo-fencing technology counters this by sending an alert when the rig deviates from its intended route or its allowed alternate routes. The truck is then disabled remotely. GPS tracking makes this possible.
  • An anti-theft device that disables the engine from starting. In addition, use an assortment of low tech locks such as a king pin lock to prevent separating the trailer from the tractor, brake locks, and glad hand locks that prevent the release of the trailer’s emergency brake.

Finally, protect your commercial or owner operator trucking business by making sure you have adequate cargo insurance. For more information about this or if you have general questions about Florida rig insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us.