How the Nation Depends on Our Commercial and Owner Operator Truck Drivers

Since the time when our early ancestors carried the food they gathered and hunted back to their huts, material transport has always been vital to our society. Today, that task largely belongs to the trucking industry. When you order something online, it’s always a truck that delivers it to your door.

The brick and mortar stores you buy from rely on commercial and owner operator truck drivers to resupply their shelves and inventories. In fact, from the point where the raw materials are dug out of the ground to the finished goods at the stores you visit, trucking always plays a vital role in the material transport along this lengthy supply chain.

However, the nation’s reliance on commercial and owner operator trucking goes beyond consumer goods. Here are four examples of how the trucking industry affects our lives:

Your Energy

The gasoline at service stations have a limited stock on hand and require fuel delivery by a truck every two to three days on average. If the commercial and owner operator trucks stopped rolling, you would have no place to fill up your gas tank. The oil for home heating as well as the coal delivered to the power plants that electrify your home depend on truck transport.

Your Food

The processing and delivery of produce, meat, and processed foods that start at the nation’s farms and find their way to food stores and restaurants, don’t get there on their own. Again, its transport depends on the commercial and owner operator trucking industry.

Your Home

The building materials that go into your house such as the lumber for its structure, the concrete for its foundation, and other assorted materials wouldn’t exist, let alone get to your home’s construction site without the commercial and owner operator truckers.

Your Health

The drugs, medications, equipment, technology, and other supplies that pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities require, depend on the trucking industry for their delivery. Even the water you drink from the tap relies on commercial and owner operator truck drivers for its safety. They deliver the purification chemicals such as chlorine to water treatment facilities.

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