Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Nebraska: Loading Large Machinery and Equipment

When hauling large equipment such as earth moving machinery, construction equipment, industrial machines, and farming equipment, you want to ensure that it arrives at the destination without problems. Mistakes and oversights cause delays and may even damage cargo. Avoid these and other problems by using the following tips:

Quickly Check the Shipper’s Packing

Do a quick check to spot any packing mistakes. Large machinery and equipment are expensive items. Spotting problems before they cause damage when the load is under your care is preferable to telling the customer after the fact that the damage was their fault. The inspection includes packing, securing loose components, draining fluids, disconnecting batteries, packing and placing fragile parts inside a secure area, and so forth. This shouldn’t be a thorough inspection. Instead, it’s a quick look-over to spot glaring mistakes.

Protect Vulnerable Equipment against Weather Conditions

Know the weather to expect along the shipping route for the time of year. Take the necessary precautions for warm or cold temperatures. Rain, ice, or snow may require tarps if the equipment will be exposed such as when placed on a flatbed trailer. Some equipment require protection of specific parts.

Make Preparations for Loading and Unloading

Is the height of your trailer compatible with their dock? Does the dock have a ramp? These details as well as the nature of the cargo determine the type of loading equipment needed. Find out if the shipper already has the required loading equipment. Make sure the loading and unloading areas also have adequate space.

Get Adequate Nebraska Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance

Large machinery and equipment are costly items. Don’t find out the hard way that you’re underinsured. Determine the kinds of damage covered by your policy and whether the amount covers the value of your cargo. You may have to get additional insurance. For information about commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Nebraska, contact us today.

David Ott

David Ott