Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance in South Carolina: Driving Tips Inspired by a 40-Year Accident-Free Driver

While the focus is often upon what drivers are doing wrong, a South Carolina UPS driver has been recognized for over 40 years of accident-free driving. Whether you are driving a large truck, another company vehicle, or your own personal vehicle, there are many safe driving practices he implements that are helpful no matter the size of your vehicle.

  • Avoid distractions. This includes not using your cell phone while driving. It includes leaving your hands free and not allowing yourself to be distracted by anything inside or outside of your vehicle.
  • Be courteous to other drivers. Even if other drivers are not courteous toward you, allow them to cut in front of you. If someone at a stop sign gets there after you but insists upon going before you, let the other driver go. Do not allow your annoyance with other drivers affect your driving.
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. While your focus should be on the road, that does not mean you should just be staring straight ahead. Use your mirrors, and be careful when switching lane, especially when switching lanes in a truck or another large vehicle.
  • Know what vehicles are around you. Be especially aware of impatient drivers or drivers who seem to be swerving or who are distracted. You may need to be ready to avoid those drivers.
  • Create a large enough bubble around yourself. This can be difficult at times. Other drivers may cut you off or tailgate you, but you can readjust to recreate that buffer zone.
  • Pick the right roads. Sometimes you have to take a specific route to get to your destination, but when possible, avoid poorly maintained roads or other road where outside circumstances may create a greater possibility of a crash.
  • Before driving, get enough sleep, especially if you are going to be driving a long distance.

While it is important to be a safe driver on the road, it is also important for you have proper commercial or owner operator truck insurance in South Carolina. If you need insurance for yourself or your trucking company, contact us.