Who Can Make a Claim Against Your Tow Trucking Business?

Driving a tow truck is different from operating a semi-truck, but many of the risks are the same. Not only do you face the same risks that come with driving an oversized vehicle, you handle other people’s property on public roads. Make sure you have the right tow trucking coverage to address liability claims from these parties:

The owner of the towed vehicle.

If you have a repossession assignment, you have to operate carefully. Belligerent owners may confront you or follow you back to the tow yard. You may be accused of causing damage to the vehicle either during the initial hook-up, while you on en route, or when you’re dropping the car off. Even worse, you may get inaccurate information and tow the wrong vehicle altogether.

Whether the claims against your company are true or false, you need good liability coverage to keep them from interfering with your business day and profits.

The owners of other vehicles on the road.

Depending on the type of tow truck you own, the other cars on the road may be more or less protected from incidental damage caused by your truck and your cargo. But accidents still happen, especially in crowded urban areas. Thorough liability coverage helps you with claims when third-party drivers or property owners say you damaged their property.

The owners of competing companies.

When you start advertising, you have to be careful what you say about your competitors. Even just saying you have better service in one aspect of the job or another can lead to them making a personal injury claim. You will need to have personal injury coverage both for these claims and in case a customer you quote claims you’re using their words against them or invading their privacy.

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David Ott

David Ott