What to Look for in Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance in Texas

If you’re in the market for commercial or owner operator truck insurance Texas, how do you know what kind of policy is right for you?

How do you know that you are choosing the best policy for your needs? Big rig insurance is essential for the owner operator and in today’s very competitive commercial trucking industry, you need to be sure you are protected with quality commercial and owner operator truck insurance in Texas.

We understand how this can be a challenging task to find the best commercial truck insurance with the coverage you need at a low premium. So we’re here to give you some very important information about choosing your owner operator insurance in Texas. Doing your research first is always very important when it comes to choosing truck insurance.

Here are five things to look for in choosing rig insurance:

  • A-Rated Comp: When choosing commercial truck insurance, take a look at the Texas company you are considering. How are they rated? What is their experience? How many years do they have in the business in Texas? These are important things to know before signing on for coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Now it is also important to be sure you get comprehensive owner operator coverage to protect you from non-collision losses such as fire, theft, windstorms, animals, vandalism and more. There are many things that can happen out there besides just collisions.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: Does the commercial truck insurance policy you are considering have replacement cost coverage? Liability is a given but it can be very expensive to replace your vehicle after an accident. Most owner operator insurance policies are written to cover the actual cash value only in the event of a total loss. Be sure you completely understand your policy.
  • Liability Limits: As we mentioned, liability is important so you may want to buy into higher liability limits. It is inexpensive to get the extra coverage here and it is far worth it to spend a little extra and get full liability coverage. You also want to look into non-trucking liability (“Bob-tail”) coverage. If you drive a cargo truck, you will want liability on your cargo as well.
  • Towing and Roadside Coverage: If you think getting a flat or breaking down in your personal vehicle is a pain, imagine getting stuck on the side of the road in your big rig. Towing and roadside assistance will usually cost you extra in your policy but it is so very worth it to add it on.

Of course these are not the only things you should look for when choosing commercial truck insurance in Texas.

You may also consider things such as emergency expense coverage, occupational accident coverage, physical damage and collision insurance and more. You also want to look into the types of discounts you might be eligible for. These can include prior insurance, multi-unit discounts, safety course discounts and more. Commercial truck insurance in Texas can be costly so taking the time to apply for any eligible discounts can save you a bundle.

If you have any questions about commercial truck or owner operator insurance in Texas or how to choose the right kind of rig insurance policy for your needs, please contact us. We’re waiting to help you today.