What Should Be Covered by Commercial Truck Insurance for Owner Operators in North Carolina

An interesting news release recently disclosed that the commercial trucking industry is the “primary mover of freight in the United States.”

According to the CEO and ATA President Bill Graves, “Trucking continues to move the most, and most valuable, freight…”, demonstrating this critical role that is played affecting the economy of the United States. This is great news for commercial trucking owner operators, and makes it quite obvious that the freight industry is extremely important and has a great influence on the economy and development, expansion and success of our nation.

Owner operators need to be certain their commercial truck insurance, including those who are owner operators in North Carolina (or anywhere in the U.S.) is sufficient to cover not only their vehicle, but also their financial obligation for the freight they are hauling.

This is quite important since we are looking at some very large dollar amounts at stake. The Washington Post even referred to the important effect on our economy when addressing the Senate version of the transportation bill, often referred to as MAP-21.

This transportation bill, which represents the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Bill is designed to build on the success of a performance-based approach to comprehensive reforms for transportation investment. This investment provides state and local governments long-term funding that is necessary to develop and improve the transportation infrastructure of our nation, which in turn will give a boost to our nations’ economy as it will create new jobs and keep us competitive in the global market.

Owner Operators already have their plates full with meeting regulations, investment in equipment, logistics and paperwork. You need to have time to do what you do the best, which is run your business. It is important to understand commercial truck insurance is critical to helping manage your risk. In other words, you need to protect your investment, so you can experience a good ROI.

All these news sources we referenced point to the recognition of the domestic freight industry as a leader and a major contributor to economic growth and development deserving important risk management efforts. This makes you an important professional who should take advantage of the experts to help find the best commercial truck insurance coverage to protect your investment using the knowledge and skills that a team like ours can offer. Discover how we can help you when you contact us to learn more and get answers to your questions.