What Makes a Great Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver?

Truck driving isn’t an easy profession. It’s among the most dangerous of jobs and has a high turnover rate. What attracts people to commercial or owner operator truck driving? Some drivers like being alone on the road, or not having a boss looking over their shoulder, or being paid to travel.

While these and other motivations bring people into truck driving, they have less to do with what makes a great truck driver. There are some drivers who are more than just capable and competent, they are great at what they do. Here are three qualities of exceptional commercial or owner operator truck drivers:

They’re Professional

Professional truck drivers understand that the businesses using their services depend on timely delivery of the loads in their trailers. They take this responsibility seriously, and consistently meet their delivery schedules. They don’t make empty promises. They do what they say. Professionals don’t create problems. Instead, they’re part of the solution to problems.

Great truck drivers behave professionally with the people they interact with on the job. This includes their employers, the customers, and other truck drivers. Professional behavior means being civil, courteous, and remaining even-tempered even when those she deals with aren’t. The professional dresses appropriately and maintains good hygiene.

They’re Problem Solvers

Truck drivers spend much of their workday alone. This means there isn’t always someone around to help when they encounter mechanical problems, bad weather, bad traffic, cargo problems, or finding a place to park for the night. Great truck drivers can bring their knowledge, skills, and intelligence to bear on solving these problems.

They Keep Their Truck and Themselves in Top Condition

Great truck drivers know their vehicles well. They always perform thorough pre-trip inspections and take action on any deficiencies found as a result. They learn from their experiences over the years and will recognize the symptoms of developing mechanical problems with their truck. They also recognize the symptoms of when they’ve reached their own limits when it comes to fatigue. Upon recognizing these symptoms, they act accordingly.

In addition to keeping their trucks in good condition, they do the same with their bodies. Great truck drivers look after their own health by eating healthy foods and finding the time to maintain their physical fitness.

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David Ott

David Ott