How Video Camera Systems Can Benefit Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Operations

Hiring drivers with a good driving history substantially reduces your fleet accident rate and crash costs. However, even the best drivers are vulnerable to reckless, negligent, and drunk motorists on the road. An interior video camera that monitors the road in front of a truck is a useful asset in litigation involving an accident caused by a motorist. About 75% of commercial or owner operator truck accidents are caused by car drivers. Without a video recording, establishing proof of fault can be difficult and may rest on the skills of the opposing lawyers.

The stakes are big because accidents involving fatalities can cost millions in damages. While a camera system can work the other way and unambiguously place blame on a truck driver, a conservative hiring policy of only getting the best drivers means that most accidents will be the fault of motorists. A camera system for such a carrier will save money in the long run. You can also use these cameras to point into the cab and view the driver. This is certainly useful for driver training of new hires. Continued monitoring of experienced drivers for poor driving behaviors does involve privacy concerns and this decision is made at the discretion of the carrier company.

The cameras typically run continuously but don’t save video unless triggered by an accelerometer that senses sudden decelerations and accelerations. Other safety sensors can trigger video recording as well. Other uses of truck video camera systems include:

  • Eliminating truck blind spots. The large no-zones surrounding a semi truck are collision trouble spots. A camera prevents the truck driver from making lane changes into a vehicle that’s riding in a blind spot. It also allows the driver to abort a lane change in progress when a reckless motorist suddenly cuts into the lane.
  • Facilitating backups. A backup camera allows the driver to back into difficult docking situations more safely and easily. Use of blind spot cameras is also helpful.
  • Monitoring cargo. Drivers can monitor cargo for signs of instability. They can avoid damaged cargo or possible rollover accidents by rearranging the cargo or adjusting their driving to compensate.

This technology also saves money from reduced truck insurance claims. If you are looking for better South Carolina commercial or owner operator truck insurance coverage at affordable rates, don’t hesitate to contact us at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC.