Understanding Truck Inspections Can Help You Save Money on Commercial Truck Insurance

Everyday commercial truck drivers are faced with the dreadful truck inspections. Not only do they delay you from getting to your destination they have the potential of being very costly for your business. Understanding truck Inspections can help you save money on your commercial truck insurance policy.

Recently, Progressive Insurance reached out to the Ohio State Highway Patrol to observe a mock inspection. They captured details of the inspection with insight into what commercial truckers are faced with everyday. Every inspection starts as a level 3, but a level 3 inspection can quickly become a level 2 or a level 1 inspection very quickly which can cause your inspection to last over 2 hours!

To view the inspection please follow link below.

Understanding Truck Inspections

Pre-inspections are a critical step and should be the routine of any truck driver. Not only do they help you catch any problems in the cargo or any insecure parts, they help you keep your vehicle compliant. Keeping your commercial truck compliant with CSVA standards is one of the best ways to keep your semi truck insurance premiums low, reduces the time of your inspection and puts more money in your pocket by keeping your inspections short. Also, keeping your vehicle in top shape helps reduce accidents and collisions.

If you routinely inspect your own vehicle according to stringent standards, you can rest assured that your vehicle can pass planned and random inspections. This is just one way of saving you money. Visit J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC to see what your insurance rates and coverage could be. We provide commercial truck insurance in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Caroline, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska

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David Ott

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