Trucking Companies Are Making More Profit Now Than Ever Before!

The trucking industry is seeing some major changes. According to local Tennessee news, “over the next 10 years… demand for shipping by truck grows…” However, loads are turned down each day due to trucking companies not having the resources to accommodate them. It’s not really a big surprise – “more than 80 percent of all products consumed at home or at work in Tennessee are delivered by truck….” Even more surprising, “’95 percent of Tennessee counties depend solely on trucks.’”

Forbes actually has statistics on how much “the general-freight trucking industry [is making – which is] on average, increased sales by about 7 percent [from 2013-2014].” The net profit increase from 2013 to 2014 is 6%. If you were planning to go into the trucking business – now is definitely the time.

However, when you start your trucking business – keep in mind that it’s very important to have a copious insurance plan for your rigs. Due to the long road trips and deadlines have to face – even the most experienced trucker will come across a great number of bad drivers. Thus, any collisions may not necessarily be his fault – but the other drivers’.

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