Texas Commercial Owner Operator Or Truck Insurance: Do You Need Coverage?

Just in case you have not figured this out during your search for Texas tow truck, commercial, or owner operator truck insurance, the insurance options for truckers is highly complex and often frustrating.

However, if you break it down, things may be a little easier for you.

  • Some drivers need different coverage, and this will be based on the type of company you have or work for. It can also depend on the type of goods you deliver or haul in your truck.
  • Some insurance coverages are recommended for drivers based on where they live.
  • Some drivers have different insurance options based on the situation or circumstances.
  • Some drivers choose their commercial or owner operator truck insurance coverage because they want to have comfort in knowing things will be taken care of if they are ever involved in an unfortunate accident.

Every commercial or owner operator driver needs to know what kind of insurance coverage he or she has before they go anywhere. Some of the insurance coverage you should know about include:

Coverage For Damage

This type of coverage will have you covered if there is any physical damage done to your truck. If someone breaks into your truck, scratches it, or sprays it with paint, you will have coverage.

Do you have to get this coverage? No, this coverage is not a requirement, but you should definitely consider it because if you cannot drive your truck because of a break-in or physical damage, you will lose your source of income.

Primary Liability Insurance

Primary liability insurance basically gives you coverage for any type of damage that you caused with your commercial truck. This type of insurance is a requirement. If you do not have this insurance, you can definitely expect to be fined. You may even have your license taken away.

If you are just starting out as a commercial driver, you should have the best information about commercial truck insurance so you will have a productive career. Truck insurance is definitely a challenge to figure out, but you do not have to figure it out alone.

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