3 Tips to Save Money on the Road as a Commercial Truck Driver

Many commercial truckers spend hours, days, and even weeks on the road. The longer routes often pay better, but they can seem to be more expensive. You may be spending more money than you would like as you spend all of that time on the road. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are 3 tips to save money on the road. 

Sleep in your truck. 

Though it is not the most comfortable place to sleep, it is the best way to save money. Looking for a hotel to spend the night every night can really add up (and decrease your profits). Instead, you can pull on the side of the road, get the sleep that you need, and get started as soon as you are ready. 

Invest in items that help with meal prep. 

Instead of buying all of your meals at a fast food place, you should find ways to bring food with you on the road. You might be able to find a refrigerator, microwave, and lunch box cooker that will allow you to safely store and cook food in your truck. Though these may seem like a lot of money, it will quickly pay off in the long run.

Stop at grocery stores instead of convenience stores. 

Though convenience stores are just like their name (convenient), they aren’t always the best option. The same items generally cost more at a convenience store so it is worth it to keep driving until you find a grocery store.

The best way to save money while you are on the road is by sleeping in your truck. Meals can also get expensive so you should try to find ways to bring food and drinks with you on the road. Though it may cost some extra to buy a cooler and microwave, it will save you money in the long run. 

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David Ott

David Ott