Tips for Fighting Fatigue: Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance in Georgia

Commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Georgia can vary in cost, with one of the factors affecting premiums being accident rates. Since fatigue is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, drivers and owner operators need to combat it, for their own safety and that of other drivers on the road, as well as to lower premium rates.

The National Safety Council offers the following tips for drivers to combat fatigue, especially during long trips:

  • Be sure to get enough sleep. Whether just setting out on a trip, or during stops along the way, getting a good night’s sleep is the most effective remedy against driving fatigue.
  • If possible, drive with a companion. While such a remedy is not ideal or even possible for all drivers, it is of enormous benefit in those cases where it is (whether the companion is part of a team, or a family member).
  • When possible, limit nighttime driving, especially for extended periods of time. Along with people’s natural inclination to sleep during late hours, “highway hypnosis” due to the glare of oncoming lights is potentially dangerous.
  • Keep the cab environment cool. Too warm of a temperature can induce drowsiness, regardless of the time of year.
  • Choose radio stations wisely. Less lively music can exacerbate tiredness. Choosing a more exciting listening mix (or even a less liked one) can help keep a driver awake in spite of fatigue!
  • Maintain an upright posture. A less comfortable position makes it less likely a driver will doze off.
  • Take breaks! Even a brief period of time to walk around or have a light snack can lead to a more alert frame of mind.
  • Stop and sleep. If all else fails, and fatigue is simply too powerful, stopping for even a brief nap is the best solution.

Drivers and owner operators face a wide array of potentially dangerous and challenging circumstances on the road. In order to practice the best defensive driving, effectively fighting fatigue is essential.

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