The Four Benefits of Keeping Your Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Clean

Spring is already here and no doubt there’s a fair amount of spring cleaning activity going on at your home. But how is your commercial or owner operator truck doing? Is it getting the same kind of tender loving care? While some dirt won’t stop your truck from working, it can affect one’s business or career as well as one’s safety.

Professional Image

Appearances can have a direct impact on take-home income when you’re an owner operator. People often associate clean attractive trucks with large and successful commercial operations. If your truck has the same appearance, you benefit from this association even if you’re a one man operation. This association often happens at the subconscious level of your customers. Combining this with reliable service will get more repeat customers.

DOT Inspections

Both commercial or owner operator truck drivers benefit from a clean rig during DOT inspections. DOT inspectors often look for clues that give them reason to look further. A dirty and unkept commercial or owner operator truck tips off the inspector that caring for your rig isn’t a priority for you. This means there’s a good chance he will find violations upon further inspection. On the other hand, a clean and professional truck may cause the inspector to wave you on.

Driving Safety

Dirty windshields reduce your vision and increase glare from low angle sunlight and headlights. Clear vision is essential for quickly spotting road problems and traffic dangers. There isn’t much point to increasing following distance if you have difficulty seeing that far. Make sure to clean both the inside and outside surfaces on your windshield. Another important item is your headlights. A thick grime buildup on your headlights will significantly diminish their brightness and reduce your ability to see the road at night. Don’t forget to clean your other lights, especially the rear and brake lights.

Salt Damage

If you drive your commercial or owner operator truck in states that get snowy winters, the salt used for treating roads will build up on your rig wherever the road spray reaches. Salt will damage your paint and finish, and will corrode any vulnerable parts of your truck.

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