The Best Ways to Decrease Rig Insurance Premiums in Florida

Rig insurance in Florida doesn’t come cheap, and the reasons why are fairly straightforward.

Tractor trailers are valuable vehicles, the cargo they carry is often expensive, and when they are involved in accidents, the damage can be extensive. Yet there are ways to decrease the cost of commercial truck insurance premiums for owner operators and fleet owners without compromising coverage.

First and foremost, drivers need to maintain their safe driving records. While commercial truck drivers are some of the most experienced vehicle operators on the road, even factors such as speeding tickets can lead to higher premiums.

Improved safety features on vehicles are another way to decrease the cost of premiums for rig insurance. The better equipped a vehicle is, the less costly it is to insure. Such features as upgraded brake systems and more sophisticated anti-theft devices can pay their own way when it comes to decreasing insurance costs.

Increasing deductibles is yet another way to lower premiums. Care has to be taken, however, that these are still set at a reasonable amount. In the event that a loss does occur, the cost of the deductible cannot be insurmountable.

Paying premiums at the beginning of the year, in one sum, instead of in installments, can also lower the overall cost of insurance. Depending on the insurance company, discounts can be up to 15% when premiums are paid in this way.

Well-maintained commercial trucks (and fleets) also tend to incur lower premiums, for fairly obvious reasons. A well-serviced vehicle is less likely to break down, and therefore cargo is less likely to be compromised.

Finally, commercial owner operators (and fleet owners) can save money by finding the right insurance agency…and sticking with it! Loyalty pays, and discounts for long term customers are a fairly common practice.

We know the best ways to keep your rig insurance premiums down in Florida. For more information on the best price for your rig, or your fleet, contact us.