The Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator Truck Driver in South Carolina

If you drive a truck for a company and are good at your job, you should consider becoming an owner operator truck driver. How would you know if this is for you? If you are organized, good at working with people and money, and desire to make a better living by providing a superior service for your customers, then being an owner operator truck driver in South Carolina is the right work for you. Because you are on your own with no employer giving you a pay check, there will be risks. However, with this risk comes great rewards. Here are three of them:

You Are Your Own Boss

You will have the freedom to choose your routes, who you work for, and you won’t have to answer to anyone other than yourself and your customers. Having multiple customers to work for means you have better job security than the company employed driver. The company driver becomes unemployed when the carrier he works for goes out of business. For the owner operator, a company going out of business only means there is one less customer to work with.

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

If you want to be home for an important event or holiday, you have the flexibility to make that happen. You can decide how many hours to put in every week. Even though financial realities and customer requirements affect your choices, you can still exert greater influence over what you do than you ever could as an employee.

You Can Choose And Pick Your Own Loads

You won’t have to take loads that are more trouble than they’re worth. Whether the loads are difficult to transport or the required route is too long or congested, the choice is yours. By cherry-picking your shipments, you can increase your profits.

As compelling as these benefits are, remember that the responsibility of getting paid lies squarely on your shoulders. You will likely have to work long hours especially at the beginning. In addition to being a driver, you will also be a manager and a business person and will have to find your own work. However, if you know the business and have a good work ethic, you will do well because trucking services are in high demand.

Having the right owner operator truck insurance is vital for protecting your business. J.E.B. Insurance Services provides superior coverage at affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more.