Texas Fleet Insurance News: Keep Drivers Safe During Civil Unrest

At J.E.B. Insurance Services LLC, we know fleet managers in Texas are deeply concerned about civil unrest. Coming off of isolation fears, and concerns about COVID-19 supply struggles and driver shortages, recent political upheaval in the states seems surreal for fleet owners. But it can be managed.

Here we’ll discuss how Texas fleet managers can keep their drivers safe during periods of civil unrest, focusing on training and communication. 

Recent Riots and Unrest

Truck drivers have been put in dangerous situations as protests and riots spread across the nation.

  • There have been increased reports of protesters vandalizing and looting trucks. 
  • Bricks and other items have been thrown at rigs.
  • Protesters have been recorded attacking private livestock trailers and attempting to burn or torture horses and cattle. 

Our goal here isn’t to intimidate you, but we must acknowledge the dangers if we’re going to train ahead of them. 

What Texas Fleet Managers Must Train Their Drivers

A driver’s safety should be their number one concern during riots. If caught in a dangerous position, they should:

  • Keep their doors locked
  • Turn the (CB) radio on
  • And put down their cell phone
  • They may feel tempted to video protesters making a scene, but if there is an accident, your driver must be obeying the laws. Driving with a cell phone in their hand can affect their CDL license, and possibly your fleet insurance premiums. 

They must keep moving very slowly if possible. Drivers should never engage with protesters. 

In a worst-case scenario, if a group of rioters breaks into the truck and takes control, the driver should leave and seek safety right away! Your Texas fleet insurance policy covers the truck, and perhaps you’ve insured this load with cargo insurancebut your driver is irreplaceable. 

Ways Texas Fleet Managers Can Communicate with Drivers

We realize that between delivery requirements, HOS rules, and required resets, getting all your drivers under one roof for a safety meeting every week is impossible. Consider setting up a Facebook group for your drivers, developing a “phone tree” that makes drivers responsible for contacting one another, and putting a memo in their paystubs. Be sure to describe the behavior expected of them in a protest, and explain how much you value their safety more than anything right now. 

If you’d like to learn more about Texas fleet insurance, contact us for a free quote today!

David Ott

David Ott