Staying out of Harm's Way: Safety Tips for the Owner Operator Truck Driver in South Carolina

Driving is a dangerous activity for everyone on the road. However, for the owner operator truck driver whose vehicle outweighs others on the road by a factor of 20, it’s especially demanding. He must face the same dangers as other motorists while driving rigs that take longer to brake, have large blind spots, and carry heavy loads. Because of the truck’s massive size, the consequences of an accident are often devastating.

As providers of South Carolina owner operator insurance, we want your driving experience on the road to be a safe one. Here are five truck driving safety tips:

Thoroughly Check Your Rig Before Each Trip

You should have a check list of every item to be checked before getting into your cab. Make this inspection an automatic ritual before the start of every road trip. Mechanical failure is a common cause of many owner operator truck driving accidents which you can avoid with this simple check.

Watch Your Blind Spots

Motorists are largely unaware of the truck driver’s blind spots and will often match your speed while remaining inside them. Make sure no one is in them when changing lanes. Reduce the danger of an accident by minimizing your lane changing.

Load Your Cargo Properly

Keep your cargo centered within the trailer as low as possible. This will improve the stability and handling of your rig. An imbalanced load increases your risk of tipping over.

Compensate for Bad Weather

Reduce your speed when the visibility is poor and when the road is wet, snowy, or icy. If possible, take an alternate route when the forecast predicts poor weather.

Stay Alert and Focused

In addition to taking care of the external factors mentioned above, make sure to look after yourself. Your greatest road safety hazard as an owner operator truck driver in South Carolina is your being less than 100 percent. Take care of your health, don’t become distracted when driving, and get plenty of rest. Don’t try to battle fatigue. Instead, find a place to pull over.

Get the proper coverage with the right insurance carrier. If you are looking for owner operator insurance in South Carolina with affordable rates, contact us at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC.