Truck Insurance in South Carolina for Tow Trucks

South Carolina Tow Truck Insurance Company – Make Sure You Have Adequate Tow Truck Insurance

If you own a tow truck in South Carolina, then you know you’re out there on the roads and highways every day helping motorists. While you provide a valuable service, it’s important to make sure you have adequate South Carolina tow truck insurance for your tow truck or rig. When looking into owner operator insurance, it’s best to work with a South Carolina truck insurance company that specializes in commercial truck insurance in South Carolina so you know you’re getting what you need.

You’re probably familiar with some of the lingo that you’ll see on your rig insurance, as it’s similar to any other vehicle, but with limits adjusted so that you’re covered in the event of an incident. South Carolina tow truck insurance coverage include:

  • Liability insurance. This truck insurance includes bodily injury in the event a person is hurt as a result of an accident with your truck. Property damage is also covered under liability.
  • Collision. If your truck is involved in an accident and sustains damage, it can be repaired with collision coverage.
  • Comprehensive. If there is damage to your rig not caused by a collision (weather, fire, etc.) comprehensive truck insurance coverage will cover it.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist. If another driver causes an accident that is not insured or doesn’t have adequate insurance, your insurance will make sure you’re covered.

Now, since your job involves towing other vehicles, you will need additional South Carolina tow truck insurance to take care of these special circumstances. On-Hook Towing Insurance covers any cars you have hooked up to the rig, should any damage occur while you are towing. If you store the vehicles you tow, then you will also need Garagekeepers Legal Liability Coverage to insure those cars while they are on your property.

South Carolina has a high need for quality tow truck companies because of it’s high number of visitors to the state, especially along the coast. If you’re operating a tow truck, contact us to get a South Carolina tow truck insurance quote and make sure you have adequate coverage.

We specialize in rig and tow truck insurance in South Carolina and know the ins and outs of what is required.