South Carolina Rig Insurance Provider's Suggestions on Reducing Your Fuel Consumption

Despite the low fuel prices we enjoy, fuel conservation is important because it increases profits. In addition, there’s no guaranty that prices will remain at their current levels. They have always had their ups and downs, and it’s not impossible that they will increase again. As providers of South Carolina rig insurance, we would like to share these five fuel conservation tips:

Minimize AC Use

AC is important for driver comfort but the human body is good at acclimatizing to heat. This is not to suggest that you turn off your AC in the summer. Instead, dropping the temperature by 5 degrees saves fuel and is easy to get used to. Where and how you choose to park your rig also has a big effect on AC use. Park in the shade whenever you can and when that isn’t possible, face your cab away from the sun so that its rays aren’t coming directly into your windshield. Another trick is painting your truck white, which absorbs less heat than darker colors.

Slow Down

You can substantially increase your fuel mileage by driving in the low 60s rather than 70 or 75 mph. Over short distances, these differences amount to little saved time. It takes 8 minutes to travel 10 miles at 75 mph, and it takes 10 minutes at 60 mph. In money terms, how important is saving two minutes? Or four minutes when traveling 20 miles? Can you start your trip a few minutes earlier?

Adjust Your Speed on Windy Days

High speeds kill mileage because of aerodynamic drag. On windy days, this drag is worse when riding into the wind. Compensate for this by slowing down. When the wind is at your back, speed up. If you get a headwind for 50% of your ride and a tail wind for the other 50%, then this strategy evens out. It doesn’t always work out this way unless the wind direction and speed are constant and you are doing a round trip.

Use Rest Stops on Top of Hills

This saves gas because you can allow your momentum to bring you to the top of the hill to the rest area. You then get a gravity assist when accelerating downhill back to the interstate.

Keep an Eye on Your Fuel Filter and Tire Pressures

Dirty fuel filters make the engine run less efficiently while low tire pressure increases rolling resistance. Staying on top of these two maintenance items give you big fuel savings. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure also increases their lifetime and your safety.

In addition to reducing your fuel consumption, you can also save money by reducing insurance premiums. If you are interested in South Carolina rig insurance at affordable rates, please contact us.