South Carolina Rig Insurance Provider Explains How to Get Repeat Customers

Relying exclusively on one-time loads from load boards will stunt your owner operator trucking business in the long run. Unless you’re only interested in being a small operation, you will need to build up a list of shippers who will give you repeat business. Getting one-time loads means that after delivery, you’re back to square one and looking for the next customer.

When you direct your efforts at getting repeat customers, every new customer you find adds to your existing client base, each of whom will require regular service from you. This allows you to get more trucks and drivers to expand your owner operator business.

Getting Repeat Customers from Load Boards

While some shippers who use load boards are only interested in finding the lowest bidders, others want to have a simple phone number they can call to get an owner operator they’re familiar with and with whom they can count on to deliver their loads. Each new trucker they get from the load board is a shot in the dark. These businesses have customers too, and timely delivery of their goods and products is essential for their customer satisfaction.

By demonstrating professionalism on your part with consistent on-time delivery, you will get repeat customers. People skills is also an important part of professionalism and developing business relationships is the foundation of getting repeat customers. Always leave a card or a pen with your name and number on it with every shipper you do business with.

Getting Repeat Customers by Contacting Them Directly

Unlike the load boards, fewer of your competitors will be using this method. The reason is that it’s hard work. However, doing what others don’t want to do is an important ingredient of owner operator success. Research the type of customers that you want such as clients who want shipments in convenient areas and clients who have a lot of business and require lots of shipments. Do some Internet research on industry associations with local chapters in your area. The members of these local chapters are potential clients. Contact them through email, phone calls, or both.

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