South Carolina Commercial Truck Insurance: The Dangers of Overconfidence

Confidence is an important quality for life on the road as a truck driver and for life in general. However, too much of it causes the driver to discard caution and makes him complacent. This is asking for trouble when you’re engaged in an inherently risky activity which truck driving most certainly is. If the risk didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be a need for commercial truck insurance.

Overconfidence generally isn’t a problem for those who managed to survive accidents or close calls in which they miraculously survived. Instead it often afflicts those who haven’t experienced serious accidents. This causes them to lose sight of the true nature of their profession, that it involves risk that can be minimized but never eliminated. It’s true that they haven’t been involved in an accident so far, but that doesn’t exempt them from exercising caution because there is always a first time. That is, people can go accident free for years right up until they have one.

Overconfidence Afflicts Both the Beginner and Experienced Driver

The problem of overconfidence can afflict both the beginner owner operator or commercial truck driver as well as the experienced driver. The rookie driver often has an incomplete awareness of the different types of road hazards. His new-found proficiency in limited driving situations makes him believe that as far as truck driving is concerned, he “has it down pat.” This continues until he encounters a road danger that he is unfamiliar with, and for which he lacks the coping skills and reactions.

For the experienced driver, over confidence may give him an inflated sense of his driving skills. This over assessment can make him disregard normal precautions during bad weather, or perhaps drive through a hazardous condition one time too many. For example, he was able to manage a mountain pass one winter when it was snowing and unthinkingly assumes he can repeat the feat again. This time however, the road hasn’t been treated and is glazed with ice. By the time he realizes his error in judgment, it’s too late.

Everyone has their limits and safe commercial or owner operator truck drivers know theirs. They understand that things can quickly go wrong when they least expect it. As providers of commercial truck insurance in South Carolina, we at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC urge you to be ever vigilant, to never let your guard down, and to always observe all truck driving safety precautions.

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