Six Tips for Commercial or Owner Operator Trucks on Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

In any two vehicle collision, the smallest vehicle sustains the most damage. The occupants also have a higher injury and fatality risk. This means that the motorcyclist always loses in collisions with other types of vehicles. In addition, their two wheels make them less stable  on damaged or wet pavement. Their lack of a protective cage, seat belts, and airbags mean that they rarely survive collisions unscathed.

In short, it’s up to other vehicles on the road including commercial or owner operator truck drivers to help motorcyclists out by looking out for them. As providers of commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Texas, we would like to share these six tips on sharing the road with motorcycles:

  • Look twice at intersections. First look for other vehicles, then look again for motorcycles. Why do this? Because the motorcycle’s small and slender profile doesn’t look at all like other common vehicles on the road. Cars and trucks have larger and blockier profiles. Drivers are wired to recognize cars and trucks but often fail to see the motorcyclist’s unique profile. This requires a second look where you specifically watch for motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles are closer and moving faster than they appear. This illusion is caused by their small and narrow profile as well as their tremendous acceleration. Take this effect into account when crossing, entering, or turning at intersections.
  • Dim your lights at night when a motorcycle approaches in the opposite lane. This common road etiquette is especially important with motorcycles because blinding them with high beams will compromise their balance as well as their vision.
  • Be aware that back and forth movement within a lane is normal for motorcycles. Bikers do this because they are dodging road debris, dealing with wind gusts, and adjusting their safety cushion of road space.
  • Give motorcycles extra space in bad weather. Wet road conditions are very hazardous for motorcyclists because they have very little rubber contact with the road compared to other vehicles. If they brake or turn too hard, their bikes can slide out from under them.
  • Beware of motorcycles in your blind spots. While it’s difficult enough to keep track of cars in the no-zones of your commercial or owner operator truck, the motorcycle’s smaller size makes the task even harder.

In addition to looking out for motorcycles, look out for your own welfare and security by making sure you have adequate insurance coverage. If you have any questions about commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Texas, we are happy to answer them. Please contact us at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC.