Road Glare Reduction Tips for the Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver

Road glare can cause tension headaches from hours of sustained muscle tension around the eyes. This in turn, adds to your general feeling of road fatigue. Another problem with glare is that it gets in the way of a clear view of the road. While sunlight is a big source of glare, it doesn’t end when the sun sets because traffic headlights also contribute to this problem. As a commercial or owner operator truck driver, it never hurts to find ways to make your work life easier. These four road glare reduction tips will help:

Use Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses eliminate the glare caused by sunlight that reflects off horizontal surfaces. This means glare from the rear windows of cars, wet pavement, water, and even reflections of the top of your dashboard off the inside of your windshield. Polarized sunglasses are worth their cost.

Keep the Inside and Outside of Your Windshield Clean

A dirty windshield is a source of glare. Dirt, squashed bugs, smudges, cigarette smoke residue, and the gases emitted by the plastic of your dashboard all contribute to the glare you see during the day and night. If you wear glasses, smudges on them also add to glare. Remember that both the inside and outside surfaces must be clean.

Get an Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating for Your Prescription Glasses

If you’re using glasses to correct your vision, you may need an AR coating to eliminate any back-glare produced by your glasses. This problem is especially bad for high index corrective lenses. Back-glare is light that reflects off the inside surface of your glasses. This light comes in from the sides of your glasses and bounces off the inside lens surface and into your eyes. When the problem is really bad, you can see the reflection of your own face. Its severity also depends on the position of the sun, or the sources of light when it’s dark.

Get Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses reduce the sunlight’s intensity, which also contributes to your squinting and headaches. The best color is neutral gray because it doesn’t distort the color of things such as traffic lights. Never wear tinted sunglasses when driving at night.

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