Rig Insurance: Tips for Beating Loneliness During Christmas

Truck driving can be a lonely profession at any time, but that’s even more the case during the Christmas season. More goods are moved between Thanksgiving and Christmas than at any other time of the year. This means you may be spending more time on the road than normal, at a time when you desperately long to be with loved ones. Here are some tips you can use to make your time behind the wheel a little less lonely this Christmas.

#1. Enjoy a home cooked meal

An organization known as Meals for 18 Wheels was only founded in 2013, but has rapidly grown to cover 48 states and part of Canada. Volunteers work together to provide meals for truck drivers who are away from home during the Christmas season. To find out if a free meal is offered in your location, contact the group at mealsfor18wheels@gmail.com

#2. Cook your own hot meals

Eating truck stop food is hardly an ideal way to enjoy the Christmas holiday. If you’re not fortunate enough to hook up with Meals for 18 Wheels, perhaps cooking your own hot meal would be a better choice. Invest in a good slow cooker in order to enjoy some of your Christmas favorites, and you’ll likely be more cheerful as a result.

#3. Attend Worship Services

For many truckers, not being able to recognize the religious significance of Christmas is especially disheartening. Recognizing that there are a half million truckers on the road at any given time, the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has encouraged churches to begin truck stop ministries. These ministries are sprouting up at locations across the country, and many will also hold Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services. You can find ministry locations by looking at bulletin boards at truck stops or by talking with other truckers on your CB radio.

These tips will hopefully make your Christmas season a little brighter, should you find yourself away from home this year. To find out more about rig insurance, feel free to contact us.

Happy Holidays!!!