Portable Exercise Equipment for Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Drivers

Avoiding the health problems common to many truck drivers requires a healthy diet and exercise. A healthy diet amounts to buying, storing, and preparing healthy food. On the other hand, exercise requires finding enough time in your day to fit it in. This can be done during rest breaks. Exercise is still effective even when split up into multiple short sessions throughout the day.

One problem however, is equipment. Because you’re on the move, you can’t join a fitness center. But you don’t need the fancy exercise equipment of a fitness center to get a good workout. Instead, you can bring any of these three portable exercise equipment with you on the road:

Running Shoes

These alone are enough to take care of your aerobic exercise needs because running is one of the best types of aerobic exercise. Running also corrects many of the back and posture problems that come with sitting down most of the day. However, don’t attempt to run with a cheap pair of sneakers because that will quickly cause running injuries.

Other Aerobic Equipment

If you prefer a low impact aerobic workout, you can walk instead of running. In addition to walking shoes, a pedometer is useful for assessing the length of your walks. If you lack a map of a particular area, you can simply choose a road and walk straight down it for half of your intended distance, turn around, and then walk back. A pedometer makes this possible.

Alternatively, you can get a folding bicycle. Bicycling is a low impact activity that also allows for extensive sight-seeing. On very warm days, bicycling in the shade is a much cooler activity than running. The advantage of a folding bicycle over one that isn’t is its portability. When folded, it is easily stored in your sleeper cab when driving, and in the front when you’re sleeping.

Dumb Bells

For optimum fitness, you should include weight training with your aerobic routine. Strong toned muscles reduce work related injuries and speeds up your metabolism. A faster metabolism burns more calories even when you’re resting. This helps to keep you lean. Unlike weight machines, free weights activate more muscle groups and there’s a much greater range of exercises possible with them.

In addition to taking care of your health, don’t forget to look after your insurance needs. If you are looking for North Carolina commercial or owner operator truck insurance, contact us today.

David Ott

David Ott