Nebraska Tow Truck Drivers Talk About the “Move Over Law”

Nebraska Tow Truck Drivers Talk About the “Move Over Law”

Here at JEB Insurance, we insure Nebraska’s tow trucks and tow truck fleets. Tow truck drivers have a risky job, and we applaud you for it!

We understand the safety concerns faced by any driver pulled over on the side of the highway, while other vehicles fly by at 60, 70 or even 80 plus miles per hour. These situations are dangerous for the folks sitting in their cars on the side of the road, but even more hazardous for the tow truck operators out there working, especially when it’s dark!

NE Tow Truck Drivers in the News

Even when the yellow lights are flashing on the shoulder of Nebraska’s I-80, most vehicles don’t bother to move over or even rate their speed. Omaha’s Channel 3 News interviewed two tow truck professionals in August 2019. Per their interview:

  • In the US, a tow truck driver dies once every six days, said Debbie Geott, who is a general manager at a Nebraska tow truck company.
  • “These cars are going so fast, it’s a millisecond mistake that can cause some serious damage if not, lose a life,” said Charlie Anderson, a Nebraska tow company supervisor.

It’s a scary job. Overnight shifts are fraught with danger, darkness and inclement weather.

Nebraska’s Move Over Law

Nebraska Legislature says it’s the law for highway traffic, to move over and practice due care when they see a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. Especially when the yellow lights are flashing. If a driver cannot shift over to a left lane, they must slow down and proceed with due care.

How the Move Over Law Affects Nebraska Tow Truck Insurance

Beyond safety concerns for our customers and the general public, the staff at JEB Insurance wants everyone to know about Nebraska’s Move Over Law, and how it potentially affects tow truck insurance and auto insurance premiums for everyone.

Accidents, injuries and roadside deaths cause insurance claims. Claims cause everyone’s rates to increase over time, not just the folks involved in a crash. Realize that the price of even small cars has significantly increased, so insurers pay bigger repair bills than ever before. So please, for the sake of our tow truck drivers and everyone else on the road, be mindful of Nebraska’s Move Over Laws.

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David Ott

David Ott