Make Driver Safety a Priority During the First Freeze

Semi Truck Insurance

Autumn is well underway, and that means icy nights and snowfall are on their way. If you have drivers with routes far in the north or in mountainous regions, it might already feel like the start of winter.

Icy weather is bad news all around. It makes driving more dangerous and it slows down the route. But don’t focus just on the equipment or vehicle safety. Keeping your drivers safe and healthy is just as important for your semi-truck insurance premiums as it is for your company’s health insurance costs.

Cold weather changes drivers’ behaviors.

Even the most conscientious drivers are going to be reluctant to spend too long outside in a freeze. That means they might skip over broken equipment they would have caught in the summer. They’re also going to be using the heater, which can fog up windows. Drivers also can’t use their side mirrors as easily when they’re iced over.

This isn’t just because the cold weather is unpleasant. It’s because mornings and nights are darker, and problems are harder to see. Slippery footholds and steps might have semi-drivers change how they inspect their vehicle each night to keep themselves safe from trips and falls.

What can you do to minimize the risk of semi-truck problems? Start with safety.

Don’t just focus on enforcement. Make sure you understand why drivers start to skip steps or rates of damage or accidents starts to climb. That usually starts with both safety and convenience.

Equip your trucks with winter-ready doorsteps with a high-grip texture so drivers don’t slip. Start updating your vehicles with automatic sensors that can help everyone detect problems before they turn dangerous. Even holding seasonal meetings to let drivers know about tips for responding to weather changes can help both new and older drivers.

Go to J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC. for tips to keep your drivers and vehicles safe all year round. It’s good business, and it’s good for your insurance rates. We provide commercial truck insurance in the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

David Ott

David Ott