Leverage Your Fleet for Fleet Coverage Instead of Individual Premiums

If your goal is to own your own trucking business, there are three general categories your company might fall under: a single owner-operator, where you want independence and to manage your own routes but you want to stay on the road; a small fleet of two to five trucks so you can start to manage your own drivers and start work on scaling your business; or a large fleet of dozens of trucks to compete with larger regional giants or to own a niche market. If your goal is a small fleet of your own trucks and drivers, you can use insurance to help leverage your investments. Here’s how:

Find an insurance provider that can manage your fleet in a bundle.

Even if you have some clients with hazardous materials or the occasional over-sized load, keeping all of your trucks consistent helps save you money. Use the same vehicle for the same risky loads, and consider using the same truck for the same types of routes (mountainous, urban, and more) so that unique cost factors are isolated without you having to pay separate premiums. Also, as you’re growing from one truck to two to five, adding new cars to your coverage one at a time doesn’t help scale your costs to your benefit: you might end up with an aggregate bill the size of five individual policies. Instead, find a provider who offers you solid coverage at less than $5x because you can present them as a group.

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David Ott

David Ott