Ideas for your Trucker DOWN time

The average long-haul truck driver has some down time when they are at the dock waiting for a shipment to be unloaded or at a stop while on the way to the next destination. Down time comes a various times during the day or late in the evening. Here are five ways that commercial truckers can pass the time:

  1. Nap – The average amount of sleep for adults is 7-8 hours. While this might not apply to everyone it is very important to rest up before your next destination. Getting a nap in while you have free time is a very beneficial way to pass the time – to you and other drivers.
  2. Listen- Turn on the Radio and get informed in your industry. There are multiple radio channels  everyday to choose from. Why not listen to a radio network about trucking? For a list of participating stations and program scheduling check out  
  3. Quilting- Yes, I said Quilting! The fastest growing way truckers pass time is the popular hobby of stitching, sewing and quilting. It is a great way to make something with pride. Some truckers are now giving back to their local communities with items that have stitched for hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters.
  4. Read-  Reading keeps your brain and imagination sharp. You can take book anywhere you go on the road and in this age of technology you can “read” with books on tape.
  5. Forums- Join a trucker forum online. You can gain insight on industry standards, find new loads and locate the nearest truck stops in your area. When you join a forum you can make new friendships with other truckers and become a community for your time on the road. Check out one of the largest CDL Truck Driver Message Boards at