How to Be a Successful Commercial Truck Driver in Georgia

How to Be a Successful Commercial Truck Driver

Being a successful commercial truck driver goes beyond holding a steering wheel. You should be determined and hardworking. Every  commercial truck driver’s dreams to be successful. To achieve this, you can improve your commercial truck business by practicing the tips below.

Be Familiar With the Industry

Familiarize yourself with the current happening in the industry and set realistic goals. Be informed about supply and demand trends as well as fuel pricing. This will keep you well informed with your brokers or shippers about rates for specific lanes. Know what causes ruin in your business and ways to improve. Enhance your professionalism further with effective communication.

Understand Your Costs

Be prepared financially and understand the cost of operating a truck business. Know how to calculate your fixed and variable costs per mile by reading articles from The Owner-operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). If you are not familiar with basic accounting and bookkeeping skills, make a point of taking some online classes. You can also control your expenses by doing research and buying wisely.

Purchase a Reliable Truck

Purchase a truck that is reliable with fewer repairs and good fuel efficiency. When buying a used tractor, get one that is slightly used and carefully check the warranty. For new tractors, check reviews from owner-operators with related trucks.

Save for Future

Avoid spending all your cash and save some to use when there is no work. Don’t budget solely on the good times, the road is not always smooth. This business is just like economics, it goes through highs and lows. Stand out from the rest by looking at yearlong averages.

Work Hard and Smart

Build strong relationships with people who can help you in your profession and make smart decisions while working hard. To get the best load offers, network with shippers and multiple brokers. Be different from others by finding and working your niche.

The mentioned tips will help you achieve your goals to become successful. For more information on commercial or owner operator insurance in Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We also provide commercial truck insurance in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Illinois & Nebraska.


David Ott

David Ott