How the Commercial or Owner Operator Trucker Benefits from Cruise Control

Speed control has been around for centuries. It was first used in steam engines in the 1700s and in cars in the early 1900s. It has seen many improvements since then, and today, many commercial or owner operator trucks use the technology.

The concept is fairly simple: cruise control maintains a constant speed that is set by the driver. It doesn’t do your driving for you because there’s no intelligence behind the technology. It merely maintains a speed regardless of what’s happening on the road. This is why its misuse can get you into trouble. Misuse in this case means using it in situations requiring human judgement and driving skill. Therefore, you won’t use it on slippery roads, in high winds, going down mountain passes, or driving in the city.

Despite its limitations, cruise control will benefit the commercial or owner operator truck driver in several ways. Here are three of them:

It Improves Your Fuel Efficiency

Doing lots of braking and accelerating burns up gas. If fuel conservation isn’t consistently your number one priority, it’s too easy to fall into this wasteful driving pattern as you constantly react to the ebb and flow of traffic. Cruise control keeps your speed constant and thus removes wasteful accelerations and decelerations.

If you have a headwind, setting the speed to five or ten mph below your normal driving speed will save a lot of fuel on long hauls. Later, you can make up for the lost time by setting the speed higher when you have a tailwind. Cruise control gives you the best results on long distances over relatively flat terrain.

It Improves Your Driving Record

If you already have a good driving record, cruise control will help you keep it that way. Unless you keep your eyes glued to the speedometer, speeding is easy to do. Following traffic, going down hills on the interstate, and your subconscious can cause you to exceed the speed limit. If you want to avoid getting caught in a speed trap, cruise control does a better job of this than a police laser or radar detector.

It Increases Your Driving Comfort

Cruise control frees up your foot and leg so that you can alter its position and stretch it. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it makes a big difference when driving all day. It prevents stiffness, soreness, and can prevent serious health problems such as blood clot formation in your leg.

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David Ott

David Ott