How Solar Technology Can Benefit the Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver

Practical solar power has been around for decades. At first, the technology meant using oversized and rigid solar panels with modest power output levels. However, progress in solar technology has been unrelenting. Flexible and smaller panels now produce more power, providing energy to homes and allowing many people to live “off the grid.” This progress has even generated concern from traditional power companies that fear losing business to the technology.

Of course, solar power doesn’t just benefit home owners. Commercial or owner-operator truck drivers can also benefit:

Battery Charging

The problem with batteries charged by your engine alternator, is that the battery slowly drains when the engine is off. This could be a problem for those who use the battery to power lots of electrical devices and systems. If your daily drives are short runs, the batteries may never get fully charged. This constant state of low charge damages the battery.

A solar battery charger keeps your batteries topped off when your engine isn’t running. If you use any equipment that operate off their own motor, long periods of disuse means their starter batteries will be discharged at those odd times when you need to use the equipment. Solar battery chargers change that.

Solar Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Diesel powered APUs require maintenance and produce carbon monoxide, a lethal invisible gas that can harm you if it gets into your truck, or harm other truckers parked next to you. On the other hand, a battery-powered APU draws power from your alternator, which means you burn more fuel. Regulations limiting idle time also limits APU recharging when you aren’t driving.

A solar APU demands little in the way of maintenance, and constantly charges when the solar panels are exposed to sunlight. The APU powers all the electrical auxiliary systems on your truck such as your AC, heater, lift-gate, microwave oven, lighting, and your computer. The solar panels are often flexible and can be installed on top of your tractor, trailer, or other convenient surface with sufficient sun exposure. Their flexibility makes them more tolerant of road vibration and debris impact.

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