Four Reasons People Choose to Be Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Drivers

There is a large unmet demand for truck drivers today. The transportation sector of the American economy is on the rise and many drivers in the work force are retiring. This means the trucking industry needs to fill a growing driver shortage and is willing to pay higher salaries. For the person looking for work, this is a unique opportunity. However, not everyone is a good fit for this kind of work. If you can relate to these four top reasons why people choose to become commercial or owner operator truck drivers, then this career could be for you.

It’s a Lifestyle

There aren’t many jobs that are also a way of life. Few other jobs expose you to new places, people, and experiences. While the majority of people spend most of their working lives confined to their work desk, your office is on the nation’s highways as well as in the cities, towns, and countryside along the way.

You’re in Charge

This is literally the case for the owner operator truck driver who’s his own boss. The only people he must answer to are the customers whose loads he transports. Even the commercial truck driver who works for a transport company has more autonomy over his day than most desk bound workers. An added bonus is not having a boss or supervisor hovering over your shoulder every day.

You Get to Travel

If you’ve always enjoyed seeing the country by road, commercial or owner operator truck driving means you will never have to give up your desire to explore the country. The United States is vast, and only ranks behind Russia and Canada in size. This means that even if you have been to every state, there is still a lot more to see.

You Can Make Good Money

Commercial or owner operator trucking pays good money without the need for spending years of your life in college and going into the huge debt that many other occupations require. With a couple of years of experience under your belt, you will earn a good income. The current driver shortage will only push trucking salaries even higher.

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