Four Commercial Truck Insurance Myths in South Carolina

Your choice of commercial truck insurance in South Carolina can make or break your business. That’s why it’s important to make an informed decision based on the facts. Unfortunately, there are too many commercial truck insurance myths floating around that can be very costly to your business. To help you separate fact from myth, we have listed four truck insurance myths that are best ignored.

Myth 1 – Always Go With Commercial Truck Insurance With the Lowest Rates

Someone who makes his commercial truck insurance choices on rates alone is setting himself up for some unpleasant surprises if he ever experiences an accident. Truck insurance is more than just a monthly bill that has to be paid. It’s a safety net that prevents your business from suffering serious financial loss in the event of a trucking accident. You need a reliable insurance carrier that can provide the policy that covers exactly what you require at reasonable rates.

Myth 2 – All Commercial Truck Insurance Companies Offer 24/7 Claims

Claims filing doesn’t keep regular business hours. Yet many commercial truck insurance companies can only be reached during their normal office hours. What happens when you can’t get hold of them because of the late hour or because it’s the weekend? Nothing. You’re out of luck.

Myth 3 – Your Cargo Should Be Insured Separately From Your Commercial Truck Insurance Policy

Insuring your truck and cargo with two different companies is inconvenient. You have to make two separate monthly payments and must deal with two separate companies when filing claims for an accident that damaged both your truck and cargo. In addition, it’s less expensive when you consolidate the two under a single commercial truck insurance policy.

Myth 4 – Canceling Your Commercial Truck Insurance During the Off-Season Saves Money

Accidents don’t just happen on the road. Even though you aren’t using your trucks during the off-season, they can be damaged wherever you park them. Fires, theft, vandalism, and storm damage are just a few ways that misfortune can strike. Another problem is that when you reinsure your trucks, you can’t take advantage of the lower rates available to those with proof of continuous coverage from a commercial truck insurance carrier.

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