Follow These Routine Tips to Make Your Rig Last Even Longer!

Keeping your rigs well-maintained might seem costly in the short-term – however it actually saves you more in the long run. According to BottomLine Publications, you can save on break pads and other transmission wear by cruising to a stop rather than abruptly hitting the breaks. Slow down far ahead of a stop sign or red light. Don’t accelerate rapidly, but speed up with a nice, continuous gradual buildup of speed – this will preserve your head gaskets. Only run the AC or heater after the engine has been started for more than a minute. Once a month, in order to prevent the settling of oil in the compressor – run the AC for one minute. Do this even during the Fall and winter. Replace parts before they fail – replace them according to their life expectancy.

They also suggest that you use a gas additive to clean the fuel system – “avoid additives that contain methanol, methyl, alcohol, xylene, toluene or acetone – these can damage the fuel system hoses and pump.” If you don’t want to use a gas additive, you’ll have to “change the throttle body and fuel injectors every 30,000 miles.“ Save on gas mileage by rotating “your tires every 7,500 miles… Change spark plugs every 60,000 miles.” Finally, they advise to change your oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, long-life radiator coolant, transmission fluid, and fuel filter when they’ve reached the prescribe intervals.

However, sometimes accidents still happen – and your well-maintained rig may end up in a collision which damages it. You’ve spent lots of time and money taking care of each and every one of your precious trucks – don’t let the carelessness of others let all that hard work go to waste! J.E.B. can make sure you get compensated for any losses that you sustain to your rig in a collision. We specialize in insuring rigs only! We have special insurance plans to suit your needs – and if you need custom plans, you can create your own plan! If you’d like to learn more, contact us today about our rig insurance!