Florida Semi Truck Insurance News: Miami #6 as Most Congested US City, Tools for FL Drivers

Many semi truck drivers would charge LA or NYC as the worst cities to work in which is true, but a new 2019 study shows Miami, FL ranked #6 of most congested US cities. Miami is ranked #1 in Florida and the entire southeast ahead of cities like Atlanta!

Here at J.E.B. Insurance we work with Florida semi truck drivers, owner operators and fleet managers every day. We know exactly how precious your hours are when moving loads through Florida!

If you drive a semi truck in Florida, you probably already know about Miami traffic. It’s been a problem for years, so we won’t bore you with statistics. However:

  • If there’s a way you can avoid Miami, it’s in your best interest to do exactly that.

We’ve compiled a few resources you can keep handy to avoid the worst traffic.

Helpful Traffic Tools for Florida Semi Truck Drivers

  • Check out Florida Department of Transportation’s Traffic Information site. It offers a list of current traffic statistics for Florida’s State Highways. Stats depend on location, daily counts, vehicle class, speeds, weight, directional factor, truck factor, and more.
  • 2018 Florida Traffic Online is another interesting site, though we must point out it DOES NOT DISPLAY CURRENT TRAFFIC, but historical data. This won’t help you avoid a traffic jam today, but it’s a good tool if you’re new to trucking in Florida or if you’re trying to plan your routes around historic holiday traffic.
  • Florida Real Time Traffic Map for EMERGENCIES ONLY, is only live during emergencies. If you drive FL often you probably want to bookmark this one in your phone. It’s great for hurricane evacuations.

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David Ott

David Ott