Commercial Truck Insurance in Florida: Three Tips for Avoiding Freight Damage

Customers expect you to deliver their freight in good time and without damages. However, a lot can happen while on the road, leading to the damage of your freight. Sure, having commercial truck insurance in Florida can always help to cover these damage costs.

Sadly, the more claims you file, the higher your insurance premiums rise as insurance companies will see you as a high-risk customer. The trick is to look for ways to reduce the chances of freight damage to avoid both losing customers as well as raising the premiums of your commercial truck insurance in Florida.

Here are three ways to reduce the chances of freight damage:

Use the Right Type of Packaging

The way you store items in your truck will determine whether they can reach the target destination while intact. For instance, if you place liquids and papers in the same pallet without any barriers between them, the chances are that the liquids will spill on the papers. Ideally, you should use packaging strategies that help prevent the damage of your freight. Consider using things such as waterproof bags and shock absorbing packages while transporting your goods.

Label the Packages

Sometimes, an error in the labeling of packages can result in the damage of your freight. For instance, you might stack a heavy pallet on a box that has glass utensils due to poor labeling. Quality labels should include information about what is contained in the package, the weight it can withstand and the temperature it has to be stored in. Ensure that all your pallets are labeled before placing them in your truck.

Provide Impact Protection

Fragile items can easily get damaged once you unexpectedly hit the brakes of your vehicle.  While your packaging might have some level of impact protection, this might not always be enough. For trucks that have no internal impact protection, it can be quite easy for the merchandise being transported to hit the walls of the truck and get damaged. This might also result in the damage of your truck. To avoid a lengthy commercial truck insurance claim process in Florida, consider investing in impact protection materials.

Delivering your freight as per your customer’s expectations is a great way to earn the customer’s trust. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of going through lengthy insurance claim processes. Consider the tips above to offer quality services to your customers and contact us for more info.

David Ott

David Ott