Florida Rig Insurance: Two Ways That LED Light Technology Will Reduce Truck Accidents

LED lights are more energy-efficient, brighter, produce less heat, and last longer than other types of lighting. They also produce a white light that resembles sunlight but without the sun’s UV rays. Their drawback is their high up-front price. However, their reduced energy consumption and long life has saved a lot of money over the long term for businesses that use them in large buildings and in parking lots. Commercial and owner operator truckers also get the same benefit to a lesser degree. However, the greatest benefit for the truck driver is increased safety in two different ways:

LEDs Provide Superior Lighting over Halogens

The LED’s brighter and whiter light not only allows the driver to see farther down the road, it also increases road side illumination. In fact, areas well beyond the road shoulders on both the left and right sides are lit more brightly. This makes it easier to spot roadside deer and other animals as well as road signs.

The lighting closely resembles daylight, allowing the driver to see more detail and more readily recognize objects than is possible with dim yellowish halogen lighting. In addition, this more natural light reduces eye strain and doesn’t blind oncoming traffic.

Blue LED Light Increases Truck Driver Alertness

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York have discovered that blue LED lighting that emits light at specific frequencies cause the brain to behave as though it were morning even though it’s late at night. In other words, it resets the body’s internal clock. This promises to reduce late night fatigue related accidents.

The truck driver might wear goggles with built-in LEDs for a period of time before starting their trip, or get their dose of light in “light showers” at truck stops. Another possibility is placing the lights inside the cab with the driver. The researchers have found that after 45 minutes of exposure, the brains of Alzheimer’s patients with damaged circadian rhythms experienced a significant increase in alertness.

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