Florida Rig Insurance Provider on Preventing Fuel Theft

Even with the current low fuel prices, fuel is still a big expense for trucking companies and owner operators. Although well maintained trucks, smart routing, energy-saving driving techniques, and technology all do their part to save on fuel costs, one mustn’t forget to address fuel theft.

Because of the large fuel tanks of commercial or owner operator trucks, a fuel thief can quickly skim off 40 gallons from a rig without the driver noticing. Unless the driver notes his fuel levels immediately before and after parking his rig, he may chalk up the difference to poor gas mileage at the end of the day. Rather than take chances of becoming a first time or repeat victim, try these five suggestions for minimizing fuel theft:

  • Use locking fuel caps. Locking fuel caps prevent those without the key from opening the cap. This prevents siphoning.
  • Use anti-siphon fuel tank inserts. These are more difficult to remove than locking fuel caps. The inserts are deep enough to allow normal fueling at a gas pump but prevent a siphon hose from reaching the fuel in the tank. The insert has holes that allow free flow of fuel into your tank.
  • Use fuel sensors. Smart fuel sensors can monitor your tank levels and provide real-time data 24 hours a day. If you notice a fuel drop when the truck is parked that you can’t account for, it was likely a fuel theft. Some of these devices will send an alert to your mobile device while the event is happening, and will help in catching the thief.
  • Park defensively. Park your commercial or owner operator truck so that a wall or other obstruction blocks access to your fuel tanks. Choose well-lit and well-trafficked areas. When parking during a daytime rest stop, place your rig in a spot that is visible to you at all times.
  • Secure your vehicle yards. Use fences, security cameras, and night lighting to deter thieves looking for an easy target. Use signs indicating that your lot is under surveillance.

While none of the above are guaranteed to prevent a determined thief, together, they present multiple defensive layers that may convince a thief to move on to an easier target. If you are looking for Florida rig insurance at affordable rates, the insurance providers at J.E.B. Insurance are happy to answer your questions. Contact us today.