Florida Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance: Small Oversights That Cause Accidents

It’s often the unexpected things that cause accidents. They’re unexpected because their seeming insignificance or subtle symptoms escape your attention. Yet their smallness doesn’t make the accident any less devastating. Four of these oversights are:

Dirty Headlights

Dirt and other residue that build up on your headlights block light. The thicker the grime layer, the less light available for illuminating the road at night. Your headlights should project enough light to allow sufficient time for stopping should you suddenly see an obstruction or person in front of you. With dirty headlights, this is certainly not the case, and you are out-driving your headlights.

A Bulge in Your Tire

A bulge in your tire can cause a blowout if it ruptures. A tire bulge is an area of rubber weakness. When it’s on the tire sidewall, you won’t feel any vibration. The only way of knowing it’s there is visually spotting it. Some bulges are obvious blisters. Others aren’t readily noticeable unless you are looking specifically for them.

Leaking Fluid from Beneath Your Trailer

Sometimes, the items you carry in your trailer may contain fluids that weren’t mentioned by the shipper. Perhaps they were left there by accident. In any case, if the fluid is flammable, your trailer could catch on fire. If it’s oil, it could affect the traction of your trailer wheels and may cause you to lose control. It could also get you into trouble if a DOT inspector spots it before you do.

Small Tire Leaks

When a nail or sharp debris creates a small tire puncture, your tire leakage rate increases beyond what you’re used to. If you’ve recently inflated your tires to their correct pressure, you might decide to wait a while before checking their pressure again. However, with the accelerated leakage caused by the puncture, your tire could drop to a dangerously low pressure. This damages the tire and increases your risk of a blowout. The consequences of the blowout will depend on the affected tire.

Another oversight that can adversely affect you is having insufficient Florida commercial or owner operator truck insurance. To learn more about our insurance offerings, contact us.

David Ott

David Ott