Five Common Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Pre-Trip Inspection Oversights

Oversights happen to the best of us, and the stress of the job doesn’t help. However, a complete and thorough pre-trip inspection is required by law. It’s also important for the commercial or owner operator truck driver’s safety and the public’s as well. What is often overlooked are those items that seem less important. What these things are, depend on the individual. But there are a number of pre-trip inspection items that commonly slip between the cracks:

A Thorough Tire Check

In addition to checking the tire pressure, ensure that the tread is at least 4/32-inch on the drive wheels and 2/32-inch on the trailer wheels. Look for tire damage and nails. Also check for uneven tire wear. Uneven wear is an indicator of other maintenance issues including improper tire inflation.

A Clean Cab

While the commercial or owner operator’s truck will run just fine with a cluttered and messy cab, it can affect your driving if the clutter gets under the gas or brake pedal. You don’t want objects flying all over you when you’re making an emergency maneuver to avoid an accident. In addition, DOT inspectors base their impression of the kind of driver you are on appearances, and it’s always best to make a good impression with them.

The Wheel Lug Nuts

It’s tempting to overlook these when they are always tight when you check them. But they can loosen up, and trucks have lost wheels because of this. Lost wheels endanger the safety of the traffic behind you, the traffic in the opposing lane, and pedestrians.

The Reflectors

Unlike lights, reflectors don’t require power and never burn out. These “low maintenance” items still require checking. If they are broken or covered in dirt, your commercial or owner operator truck becomes less visible at night. Don’t forget to check that the reflective strips are clean and in good condition.

The Fire Extinguisher

Thankfully, fires aren’t a normal occurrence for a commercial or owner operator truck. This makes the fire extinguisher an easily overlooked item. Make sure the extinguisher is up to pressure. If it doesn’t have a pressure gauge, a fully charged extinguisher will weigh more than an empty one. Make sure it has been serviced recently by checking its tag.

Another oversight is not checking whether your Florida commercial or owner operator truck insurance is adequate for your needs. We at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC are happy to answer any of your questions about this. Contact us today.