Finding Commercial Truck Insurance As A New Driver

Today, the world is inundated with commercials from truck insurance companies. All of the commercials we see show each agency claiming to have the best truck insurance policies for the best prices. With so many commercials and so many claims, how can you make an informed decision? We hope to provide you with advice that will help you find your way through the overwhelming process of finding insurance for your commercial truck.

Finding Commercial Truck Insurance

After researching commercial truck insurance as a new driver, you will quickly discover that obtaining the type of insurance you need may be a little complicated. It can be hard to find truck insurance as a new driver because many commercial trucking insurance companies do not want to provide trucking insurance policies for anyone who only has one or a couple of years of experience. 

Unfortunately, many commercial trucking insurance companies will inflate their prices for new drivers, and a new truck driver can pay 4 times as much for insurance as a driver who has several years’ worth of experience. Thankfully, there are some steps new drivers can take to get things to fall in their favor. You can make sure your driving record is clean, you can seek discounts, and you can be a smart shopper.

Comparing Truck Insurance Quotes

One of the best routes for you to take is to seek commercial truck insurance companies who deal with new commercial truck drivers. Leave the required information with those commercial truck insurance companies and request a quote. Once you have the quotes you need, you can sit down and compare the different offers. You will not be stuck with an insurance company you do not like and you will save money and free yourself from any frustration in the process.

If you would classify yourself as a young driver in the trucking industry, we encourage you to be familiar with your credit score before you begin shopping for any type of commercial insurance. Sometimes drivers will need to work on building their credit before shopping for truck insurance. Building your credit score will assist new drivers in obtaining one of the best rates available. An approved credit score will also help new drivers when they need to make a large purchase or when they need to be approved for a loan.

As a new driver, you may find yourself facing a difficult uphill battle in finding the appropriate type of commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Illinois. You are likely also facing more problems with all the regulations and guidelines that need to be followed. We are still here to help lead the way in finding commercial or owner operator truck insurance. It is important to us that a solid relationship is created. 

If you have already run into more problems than you can handle trying to find commercial or owner operator truck insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC is licensed in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee & Illinois.

David Ott

David Ott