Easy Ways Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Drivers in Florida Can Save Money on Laundry

One of the problems commercial or owner-operator truck drivers in Florida frequently face involves doing laundry. The cost of doing laundry in truck stop laundromats can really add up over time, which is why drivers should look for alternatives. Here are some practical ideas that any trucker can use to help keep laundry costs as low as possible.

Locating Alternate Facilities

Many times, professional drivers do laundry at truck stops because they are not sure where alternate facilities are located. Finding an off-site laundromat is easy to do when you visit Find a Laundry. Just enter your current location to find coin-operated laundromats that are part of the Coin Laundry Association. Many of these laundromats have oversized washers and dryers that will ultimately allow you to save money, and their regular-sized units are likely to cost less as well.

Portable Washing Machine

If you’re not home often, investing in your very own portable washing machine could be an excellent idea. Laundry Alternative offers a wide selection of miniature washers and dryers that can be taken anywhere, and make it easy for you to do laundry whenever you like. They don’t require conventional hookups-simply fill them with water and they are ready to use.

Plunger and Bucket

For times when you only need to wash a handful of items, a (new, unused) plunger and five-gallon bucket will do the job nicely. Simply fill the bucket with soap and water, add clothing, and then use the plunger to agitate them and remove dirt. Use a bucket of clear water to rinse, then wring your clothes out by hand and then hang them up to dry.

These tips will help you save money on laundry without feeling the need to wear your clothing more than one day. For more tips on saving money on the road, contact us.